Discrete Nanofiltration

For Extraction & Separation of Precious Metals & Rare Earth Elements

Precious Metals and Rare Earth Mining

Precious Metal Mining

Our Nano Beads™ can extract multiple metals out of acidic solutions. and then separate/release/refine them on demand. Extract and recover ALL the precious metals in one process.


Phosphate Mining

Whether you want to improve your phosphate purity, remove specific unwanted elements and/or extract other valuable elements such as REE, we can do it all.


From eliminating the need for cyanide and other dangerous chemicals for active mining to extracting disastrous heavy metals left behind, we have the only cost-effective, quick and easy solution.

About us

Validated Technology

Thor Ore proprietary nanofiltration extracts heavy metals and rare earth elements out of acidic solutions and can release/separate them on demand. 

We are a UCF Business Incubator company and our technology capabilities have been third party blind tested by Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute.